Hello, we’re CAFE YOGA. We’re new and fresh, just like every single one of our cold pressed juices. We offer 100% raw organic blends and juice cleanses that not only do good for your health but taste great too! ”Healthy eating is Boring’ Yes that’s right, we break the stereotype. We present to you various customized Cold Pressed Juice that suits your specific health and Weight requirements so that you can achieve your all body goals, with a new twist in juice and smoothies, everyday we provide you with the best of taste and enormous health benefits, we make healthy juicing fun and effort less. WELCOME TO PARADISE’

The key word here is ‘cold pressed juice’. A technique that significantly retains natural nourishment as compared with traditional juicing methods such as blending. The ingredients are equally unique – handpicked, fruits and vegetables. They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that cleanse, heal and most of all, nurture vitality.

CAFE YOGA is a 100% homegrown company, freshly producing juices within the DELHI,INDIA. We have a juice bar from where you can Buy cold pressed juice online and find a full selection of healthy and delicious cold pressed Juices to choose from.

We also offer one, three and five day cleanse packages – each packing the rich flavors of fruits and vegetables originating from the food markets and farms in INDIA and an enriching list of nutrients.

We understand that life is quite complex. Let us simplify one of the most important aspects of it for you so that you can look and feel your best and eat healthy nourishing food every day of your work life without the hassle of selecting, buying, cooking, packing, and counting calories so that you can spend more time on things that matter to you whether  it is spending time with your loved ones or working hard to get that promotion you richly deserve or socializing with friends. Do the things important to you  and get more out of your life, so why wait ? Start today with us because we know that there is nothing more important than keeping you healthy and looking your best at all times.

Only Natural Ingredients

We Use Best Quality Products for Our Smoothies

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The place serves yummy cold pressed juice. They have a huge variety of drinks which are perfect for the health conscious people. If you wanna have some cool drinks or fitness drinks then this is the best place to Order.

Best place to drink customized Juices...with most flawless service.

Must recommended to all guys go and have fun with your taste buds....

It's a great place to gymers and health conscious people concept is so amazing, whenever I want to drink something always top in my mind its cafe yoga.

best place to have protein shake and tasty smoothies, i tried oat smoothie as a replacement for breakfast it a perfect combination tasty and healthy breakfast

I had an amazing protein smoothie (gladiator) i want to say this is the best protein shake i have ever had so far.

Tastes really good..
Healthwise also great.
Go ahead give a try.. you'll come again.🙂

Healthy and tasty, best drink I ever had in my life! Having it after my morning workout gives me immense strength and energy and it’s taste makes my day :)

I never juiced or tried any type of cleanse before in my 34 years ....I was quite hesitant and thought I wouldn't survive the 3 days. To my surprise, not only did I survive I actually felt more satisfied than when I eat! I also felt so much more energized in the mornings. Now I have been off it for 3 days and already thinking when to do it again.


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