Regular Juice vs Cold Pressed Juice Which is Better

juice corner juice
Juice Corner Juice

Juice Corner juicer is typically what you’ll find in most juice bars. It’s fast moving and has metal blades that spin against a mesh filter, separating the juice via centrifugal force. The problem with this force is that the fast moving blades generate heat – so fast it can take on a whole apple without having to chop it up into pieces – which can destroy some of the enzymes and nutrients in the produce you’re juicing, rendering it less nutritious than cold-pressed. So although it may be faster, you may be compromising on the nutrients compared to cold pressed.

because of the spinning in the juicer, it loses a lot of essential nutrients. Also, you cannot store it for long as it is prone rotting and changes in tastes. The cell walls of the juice start breaking down after some time. Regular juicing is great for people who keep their refrigerator stocked with fruits and veggies.

Cold pressed juice
Cold Pressed Juice

Cold-pressed juices are made from special machines that crush and press the fruits and veggies to extract the juice. There is no spinning and blades involved. These slower machines extract the most of it possibly can for the highest juice yield. Cold pressed juicers are very effective in retaining nutrients. The juice also lasts for more days than regular juice and is the go-to drink for a cleanse. The only drawbacks are that the procedure takes too long and is expensive than regular juices.

So, Normal Juice or Cold-Pressed Juice, who won the fight? It’s for you to decide! Give cold pressed juices a try, and load up on essential nutrients in the juices. When you see a difference, you will know who the real reliable juice.

Cafe Yoga Cold-pressed juices are not pasteurized at high temperatures and contain no chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or added sugar. Give a try to our Juice Subscription to get enriched with nothing but pure nutrition.

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Healthwise also great.
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Healthy and tasty, best drink I ever had in my life! Having it after my morning workout gives me immense strength and energy and it’s taste makes my day :)

I never juiced or tried any type of cleanse before in my 34 years ....I was quite hesitant and thought I wouldn't survive the 3 days. To my surprise, not only did I survive I actually felt more satisfied than when I eat! I also felt so much more energized in the mornings. Now I have been off it for 3 days and already thinking when to do it again.


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