Juice Cleanse Programs & Wellness Packages

Juice Cleanse is the perfect way to boost your detoxification systems, flush out toxins, hydrate your cells and nourish your body, and leave you feeling better than ever.

Our Wellness Packs are pre-selected nutritional 5 packs, that promote specific nutritional health benefits. Formulated to give you an array of benefits for specific needs. Browse through our many wellness packages and reap their benefits.


Go for it! A juice cleanse could be your express ticket to wellness! Without the pesticide residue seen in conventional produce, an organic juice cleanse is often used as a direct bridge to healthier habits! An organic juice cleanse is known to eliminate unhealthy cravings, restore your desire for eating real food, reset your metabolism, flush out toxins and give you back your best energy. Done properly, an organic juice cleanse offers great benefits for your mind and body!


A juice cleanse replaces meals with juice, eliminating your body’s burden of breaking down food and freeing energy to support the detox process.

Our line of Project Juice Reset Juice Cleanses give you between six and eight juices per day, delivering a full-on organic and delicious cold-pressed juice feast! Each cold-pressed, certified-organic juice feeds your body on a cellular level, using nature’s most nutrient-rich produce to encourage a full body reset with every sip.


With the goal of fulfilling your individual needs, we offer three specially-formulated Reset Cleanses and one fully customizable, Build Your Own Cleanse option.

The Beginners Cleanse is our tried-and-true “original” program and is perfect for beginner and regular cleansers alike. Offering a bit more variety, the Immunity Reboot Cleanse is our most popular option and includes one seasonally rotating blend that captures the season’s best local and organic seasonal fruit. The third Reset Cleanse option, the Intermediate Cleanse, is intended for serious green juice lovers only. This is our lowest glycemic cleanse (i.e.: less sugar) option. If this is your first cleanse or you do not have an affinity for very green tasting juices, we strongly recommend you try our Classic or Seasonal Reset instead.

If you are looking for a personalized experience or have allergies to any of the juices in our standard Reset Cleanses, take a look at our Build Your Own Cleanse option. This option puts you in charge of your cleanse experience and offers you maximum flexibility to design a juice cleanse that works for your needs!


Yes!!! Juices pressed with conventional produce could introduce a potentially harmful amount of toxic pesticides into your body, so when aiming to detox, choose organic!! Most juice cleanses include ingredients from the Environmental Working Group’s (“EWG”), Dirty Dozen list – a list of the most toxic conventional fruits and vegetables. Don’t let pesticides, containing hormone disruptors and neurotoxins, ruin your next cleanse! Keep it organic.

At Project Juice, we work diligently to source local ingredients from best in class organic growers with a deep commitment to growing GMO-free produce. We cold-press certified organic ingredients, so you can enjoy our juice cleanse with confidence that you are feeding your body the best organic juice in the world!

The place serves yummy cold pressed juice. They have a huge variety of drinks which are perfect for the health conscious people. If you wanna have some cool drinks or fitness drinks then this is the best place to Order.

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Healthy and tasty, best drink I ever had in my life! Having it after my morning workout gives me immense strength and energy and it’s taste makes my day :)

I never juiced or tried any type of cleanse before in my 34 years ....I was quite hesitant and thought I wouldn't survive the 3 days. To my surprise, not only did I survive I actually felt more satisfied than when I eat! I also felt so much more energized in the mornings. Now I have been off it for 3 days and already thinking when to do it again.


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